Medical grade Vs Over counter Skincare products

Over the counter skincare or cosmetic product Industry does not have the oversight by the FDA which means through product or ingredient testing is not required.

Over the counter products that you find online, or at your local department/drug store, do not hold the same standards and leave you trying to diagnose yourself hoping you get the results you want. Not only do these products not have to be tested in a clinical study, they often contain random fillers.

When using drug store products you feel like you have use a lot or more frequently because most over the counter products only actually contain microscopic amounts of active ingredients which typically work on the top layer of the skin.

Over the counter product use ingredients which may cause for concern using

Acrylonitrile- known for being a respiratory toxin.

Isobutane- sources are saying this is a “volatile substance derived from petroleum and natural gas” which overall is a health hazard.

Why are we not looking into the ingredients to make sure we know what we are putting on our face. We all want clear, beautiful, younger-looking skin. This is why we should care about what we are purchasing.


The primary difference is many companies that manufacture them using extensive research use pure ingredients, 99% pure to be exact. Using a medical-grade product allows you to use products that are more tailored to your needs and skin type. Medical-grade products that have a higher concentration of active ingredients ( hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, acids, retinol, antioxidants, etc) are developed to penetrate deeper levels of skin as well as helping with cell rejuvenation.

Using medical-grade skincare products, you will get better results and achieve amazing results. The cost/benefit calculation actually make medical-grade product a better bargain in the long run.

Medical-grade products must have clinical research studies to. Back up any claims about their benefits and have FDA oversight.

Medical-grade products are highly recommended for clients to achieve their skincare goals.

Medical-grade means they are available from establishments that operate under a physicians license. Consulting a medically trained, license skincare specialist gives you that assurance that will change the way you view healthy skin.

Ryvive Amor Skin Care takes pride in giving you quality ingredients and amazing results.